11 Most Interesting Car Facts

While every one of us is often interested in reading interesting facts about technology, people, animal, but we often do not try to look into fun facts of interesting car factssomething we use daily. Yes, it is our car. We use the car daily for making to the places we want. Let us have a look at some interesting car facts that might surprise as well as change your attitude towards automobiles. Here are popular car fun facts:


  1. We are all waiting for Jesus return, is not it? In California, there are 6 driving licenses with name “Jesus Christ.” So who could be?
  2. A woman first introduced windshields.
  3. City with most numbers of Rolls Royce per capita is Hong Kong
  4. 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe is the most exclusive and expensive car ever sold at a price of $8,700, 00.
  5. Paul Gavin invented first car radio in 1929.
  6. It would take about 200 years for a driver to drive to the sun.
  7. While most 60% of the people wash their cars once in a month, 20% do not even bother washing their rides.
  8. You cannot drive a red car in Shanghai, China.
  9. Drivers kill more animals than hunters do.
  10. 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500, which was used in movie Gone in 60 Seconds, is among the most popular cars in the world.
  11. In America, every citizen spends about two weeks of his/her life at red lights.

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Avail High-Quality Shipping Facilities of Professional Auto Movers

To ship a car to any destination is not difficult now because of the level of ship a carfacilitation the car owners can have now. There are different ways to be facilitated for shipping the car with ease. The best way to ship every kind of vehicle is to hire any professional and reliable auto shipping company. To facilitate the car owners, almost every car moving company is offering a large number of high-tech services to the vehicle owners. Some of the car transportation facilities are as follows:

Door-to-Door Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, auto movers take the responsibility to pick and drop the vehicle at the desired location of the customers.

Terminal-to Terminal Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, the car owners have to take the responsibility to drop and pick the vehicle from the defined location of the auto movers.

Open Auto Carriers

These carriers are open, inexpensive, and capable of shipping multiple vehicles at one time.

Closed Auto Carriers

These carriers are closed and capable of shipping every kind of vehicle safely and exclusively. However, the car owners should know that these carriers are little expensive to afford as compare to open auto carriers.

Insured Shipping Services and GPS Tracker

To ensure the safety of the vehicle, professional auto shippers offer insured services as well as GPS Tracker to the car owners so that they can locate their vehicles during shipping with ease.

However, to avail any of these above-mentioned services is dependent on the car owner and he can make his selection of services based on his requirements and available budget.

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Three Supercars to Worth Waiting for in 2013

The 2012 is almost done with everything it could bring to automotive industry. Every automaker is now heading for 2013 where it would show up with remarkable innovative cars to draw attention of enthusiasts to their respective dealerships.

Over past couple of years, supercars have got a huge attention of car enthusiasts because of their powerful features and highly tuned engines.top super cars 2013 Even though expensive, yet enthusiasts do not miss a chance to ride if they get their hands on any of supercar to ride and race. Like 2012, a number of supercars are in line to show up for 2013. Here is the list of few supercars to watch out next year:

DC Avanti

Years of efforts have enabled Indian carmakers to come up with the first ever supercar DC Avanti. Avanti supercar features a four-cylinder engine Indain Supercar 2013capable of delivering 260 hp. Besides, road test shows Avanti could accelerate from 0-60 mph within 7 second, which is even faster than a typical SUV. The initial car price set for this supercar is $57,387.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra will probably be among the expensive supercars of year 2013. The initial tag price set for Huayra is $1,360,000. This lightweight framework weighs less than 3,000 pounds, which allows it to go quicker, butsupercar 2013 with stability.  Pagani claims Huayra as a pure speed supercar featuring a 6.0-liter double turbocharged V12 engine. Engine is capable of producing 700 horsepower allowing Pagani Huayra to reach 230 miles within an hour. In all, it bursts as quickly as a power vehicle geared up to fly into a rage.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche’s cars have always been remarkable. Next year Porsche is coming up with another hybrid name Porsche 918 Spyder having a 4.6 liter, V8 engine. Its engine produces a horsepower of 800. Plus, three electricPorsche supercar V8 motors allow to cover 198 miles in an hour. Its 0-60 mph is also considerably great i.e. three second. Porsche has announced only 918 units will be manufactured so one can expect a greater demand of 918 Spyder.

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Best Places in United States to Go for Christmas

Christmas countdown has started. It is about 26 days away from now. That means, people all across country are busy in making their Christmas plans to rejoice the taste of winter vacations. It is time of year when everyone wishes to enjoy life at its best. While few people like home for holidays, a number of people across doing party and visiting top places where Christmas is celebrated on a large scale. Even though celebrations all across states are remarkable, but at some major places are sights to be hold for Christmas Eve. If you are searching for places to go this Christmas, here are your options:

New York

City that never sleeps especially, when Christmas is around. New York has always been a hot spot for local as well as foreigners because of its fun all night long it brings. Especially, it is a favorite holiday place for people to make their Christmas Celebrations gorgeous and memorable.

You can find everything, to shop, to gift, to dance, to fun, etc. on your wish list while your stay in New York. On top of this, lighting on the giant tree at Rockefeller Center makes it world’s popular Christmas tree, which is why New York draws a huge number of people to attend this event. This is just a minor insight of Christmas at New York. Once you get there on this popular day, you will find a whole new world to love and joy everything you never had before.


Certainly not everyone’s favorite because of snowy slopes, but people who love skiing, love spending their winter holidays in Colorado. For such people, doing the thing they love the most is real fun an entertainment to celebrate Christmas.


Florida is an ultimate choice of people across country for spending holidays. Even during December, temperature is mild which makes Florida an ideal spot for people who want to avoid snow while celebrating Christmas. You can get a lot of places and fun activities especially along the beach sides. Also, going Disney World for Christmas celebrations brings an unknown pleasant excitement.

These are places where you can enjoy vacations at anytime of the year. On special occasions such as Christmas, there is nothing better than being country’s popular places such as New York and Disney World. However, when you plan to go any of these locations, do not forget to take your personal belongings with you. Besides, choose car shipping services of a reliable company to ensure you will have access to your own vehicle during your stay. It will make your transportation needs easy.

Common Car Maintenance Tips

Every move you make with your car has direct/indirect impacts on its efficiency. Therefore, keeping an eye on its maintenance requirements is always important. Take good care of your car and it will reward you. Keeping car in good condition is not difficult. It only needs you to follow some basic car care tips:

Car Maintenance Tips - ATD


A low quality battery will disturb you from the point you switch engine to your final point. You may find yourself stuck in middle of road because of malfunctioning battery. Therefore, be sure you are having quality battery. Today, many batteries come with maintenance free and sealed features that last for a couple of years at least.


Only thing that touches road is your car tires. Therefore, they need special attention. Before you ride your car, make sure tires are properly inflated to recommended level. To know air pressure recommended level, use tires manual. Every car maker recommends a special type of tire for a particular vehicle. Therefore, check your car manual to know what type of tires best fit it. Tires condition heavily depends on the way you drive car. Therefore, do not be a rash driver and prevent your vehicle from uneven roads. Do not drive your car if it has worn and misaligned wheels.

Engine Oil

Engine efficiency depends on oil level in it. Therefore, keep checking oil level and change it after the recommended period. Besides, not every type of engine oil is best fit for efficiency. High quality Lubricants of a reliable company can be best. From time to time, changing lubricant in engine is necessary. In general, you are advised to change it after every three thousand miles of running.

Use dipstick to check oil level. Get dipstick out, clean it with a cloth, and dip it again in the reservoir. Now remove it to see oil level. Make sure it is up to the acceptable level. Otherwise, put more oil but be sure you do not overfill it.


Besides, above-mentioned tips, you need to check the following points:

  1. Every 30 thousand mile you drive your car, make sure you replace engine coolant. It is in the best interest of your vehicles performance. With old engine coolant, heat-up issues become common.
  2. Regularly check fluid in brakes as well as power steering to ensure smooth move.
  3. Air and fuel filters also need special attention for perfect performance of car.

Follow these tips to extend life of your car.

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Christina is a transport analyst working for a network of auto transporters ( www.autotransportdepot.com ). She guides customers on automobile transport services and other major aspects of auto transport process. Besides, you can contact her to know how to choose an auto carrier, select shipping options, etc.

Features to Consider for Buying Sports Car Online

Due to the auto transport facilities available around the globe, it has become an ease to buy a sport car from any of the cities as well as countries. You just have to search your required car and have to make an online purchase. The process seems simple and quick, which is not indeed. There are many things, which you have to keep in mind while buying a sport car on the internet. One of the most important things to focus is whether it will be safe to drive that sport car. Safety features refer to functional as well as inactive safety of the vehicle. The details are mentioned below:

Functional Safety Features

This type of features includes efficient brakes and grips along with reliable suspension to prevent the car from accidents. All ideal and luxury sports cars are equipped with different types of functional safety features. Some of the popular features are as follows:

  1. Electronic Stability System

This is one of the most expensive features available in luxury sports cars. The basic purpose of this feature is to sense whether car is on track or going out of control. This amazing safety feature includes the followings to sense the car control.

  • Traction Control

It is basically for maintaining the grip of the vehicle even if the driver increase the acceleration.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System

To make anti-lock brake system work, you need to learn it, as to make these brakes work one has to apply intense pressure on them.

Inactive Safety Features

These features focus on the safety of driver and other passengers considering the fact that functional safety features fail to work. Followings are included in this kind of safety feature:

  • Airbags

Airbags are best to protect the people in the vehicle from back and front. However, it is important to know that only few of the sport cars have this amazing facility.

  • Headrests

This facility is best to protect the head of driver in case of any accident. Thus, you can say that this is one of those features, which every sports car should have.

  • Seat belts

Seat belts are the most common facility available in every kind of car. However, despite of its commonness, its importance is of high level, as it saves the driver and other people in the car from being injured due to any accident.

Once, you will find a sports car that is equipped with both of these features then the next step is to ship it to your desired location. For this, you can hire the services of any reliable auto mover such as http://www.autotransportdepot.com/

3 Ways to Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

improve fuel efficiencyWe all know that oil prices are increasing day by day at alarming rates and it is becoming almost impossible for the vehicle owners to afford multiple cars. You will be amazed to know that almost $0.40 SGD increase in oil prices has been notified recently and it seems like it will increase more. The worst part is that oil prices are not affecting only multiple vehicle owners but also shifting buying trends, business trends, etc. Now individuals as well as business owners are focusing more on learning fuel efficiency tips. Besides this, their interest has also inclined towards buying such products. One of such businesses is of auto shippers like http://www.autotransportdepot.com, who adopt effective techniques to provide their services with fuel-efficient trailers. If you are also interested in making your vehicle fuel-efficient then there are many reliable techniques, which you can consider. Some of these techniques are as follows:

  1. Set a Limit to Your Driving Craze

You must have noticed many people, who drive all the day like crazy drivers. They treat cars like their kegs, which can carry them wherever and whenever they want. In such cases, fuel expenses are more, as consumption is more. In order to control fuel expenses, the crazy drivers have to set a limit to their driving craze. Thus, to reach nearby places they can walk or use bicycle. However, for covering long distance, they can take a train or bus sometimes.

  1. Convert your vehicle into Hybrid

These days, everything is possible due to technology. Hybrid cars are one of the greatest inventions of this modern age. You can also convert your car into a hybrid vehicle. However, it is important to understand that the hybrid conversion technology is new and thus, expensive. If you can invest money for your use only, then select this option and make your car a hybrid vehicle that can remain functional on multiple resources besides fuel.

  1. Change the Way You Drive your Vehicle

This is the most common and economical way to consider for enjoying driving. If you do not have the budget to make your automobile fuel-efficient then change your driving habits. For this, few of the tips to consider are as follows:

  • Do not carry excessive weight in your car while driving.
  • Always avoid excess idling.
  • Try to drive smoothly.
  • Prefer high gear, as low gear will consume more fuel.

Keep your vehicle maintained to avoid more fuel consumption.