Factors That Influence Car Shipping Rates

Nowadays, many people hire auto transporters to move their cars from one place to another. If you are looking for auto movers to transport your car to a new location then you would also want to know the charges of auto transport services. The car transport service charges vary from company to company. However, the basic criterion for determining the car shipping rates is almost same in every company. You can get a free quote by visiting website of a dependable auto transporter.

The car shipping rates basically depend on various important factors. Here are major factors that determine the car shipping rates.

Shipping Services

The car shipping charges heavily depend on the type of shipping services you are hiring. The car shipping companies offer two types of shipping services i.e. terminal to terminal and door to door shipping services.  The service charges for both door to door and terminal to terminal shipment are different. The car shipping rates for door to door services are comparatively higher than terminal to terminal because it requires auto movers to put extra effort in shipping the car.

Car Carriers

Car transporters process a car shipment either in open or enclosed car carriers. The charges of car shipping services also depend on the type of car carrier you are hiring to process your shipment.  The car shipping rates for open car carriers are affordable for everyone. However, the car shipping charges for enclosed car transportation are about 30% to 50% more than that off open car transportation. The charges for open car carriers are affordable because in open car transportation about 5 to 6 cars are transported in a single shipment which compensates over all charges.


Some companies do not ask you to pay for car shipping insurance. However, most of the companies charge for car shipping insurance. Thus, if you take the car shipping insurance then it will also increase the amount of car shipping rates.

Shipping Distance

Distance required to cover for relocating a car from one place to another also contributes in determining the car shipping rates. Obviously, longer the shipping distance, higher will be the charges.

Weight of the Car

The car shipping rates also depend on the weight of car. The car transporters do not include the charges if the weight of car is equal or below some fixed amount.  However, if the weight exceeds the limit, the charges will be included in car shipping rates.

These are the basic factors that determine the car shipping rates. There are some other factors to that are involved in determining the rates. In order to know more about car shipping rates, click here for pricing on moving your vehicle.


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