Facts People Miss When Hiring an Auto Transport Company

Hiring an auto transport company offers you the best solution to your car moving needs. Although, most people only need to move their vehicles once in a blue moon, but when you are doing so, it is important keep a check on all important details to ensure safe transportation of your vehicle. Collectors often hire auto transport services in order to move their antique vehicles over long distances to participate in car shows. Such people only use enclosed auto transport services, because it helps to keep the car safe from natural and road elements. Click here to learn more.

Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport Vs Open Carrier Transport

Cost is the biggest factor to consider when hiring auto transport services. People, who are hiring an auto transport company for the first time, should do a cost comparison between different auto shipping companies. Cost of both open and enclosed trailers should be compared from different companies. However, if you want to save time, then keep in mind that the enclosed auto transport services is almost 60% more expensive as compared to open trailer auto transportation. Therefore, this option should only opted when you are moving an expensive or antique vehicle. Otherwise, open trailer is the best option for you if you are moving an everyday vehicle.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Although it is not a fact, but a common misunderstanding about door-to-door auto transport services, is that door-to-door does not always mean that you vehicle will be delivered at your doorstep. Instead, you will have to pick your vehicle from the nearest spot that can be easily accessed by the car transport trailer. Normally, a car transport trailer is almost 70 foot long, which makes it impossible to maneuver in residential areas and drop your vehicle at your doorstep. Therefore, the trailer driver will coordinate the nearest drop off place with you over the phone and will meet you there to handover your vehicle.

Be Certain About Proper Insurance

Read the insurance documents carefully, whether you are choosing enclosed auto transport or open. Keep in mind that having proper insurance for your vehicle is important. So make sure that how much the auto transporters insurance is covering your vehicle and if it seems insufficient, ask if extra insurance can be purchased for your vehicle.

An auto transport company is the best solution for your car moving needs. However, if you only require enclosed auto transport then it is best that you hire a company that only offers this service. Visit us for more information.


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