Factors Influencing Car Shipping Rates

If you do not want to drive your car on long distances but you really want to transport it to a distant place, then you should avail auto transportation service. In order to avail auto transport services, you will need to hire an auto shipping company that specializes in shipping vehicles safely. Moreover, if you want your vehicle to be shipped, then you would want to know the cost of auto transport first.

auto transportation

The auto shipping rates vary company to company. The auto shippers determine the cost of auto transport services by considering different factors. Following are the major factors that influence the car shipping rates:

Size of the Vehicle

The size of vehicle is the foremost factor that influences the car shipping rates. The small vehicles are likely to cost less as compared to heavy vehicles.

The Route

Location or route of your auto transportation is another factor that is involved in determining the cost of car shipping services. The route that is easy to access costs less because it allows drivers to continue with the route to ship other vehicles. On the other hand, routes that do not have major freeway linkage cost more. In addition, the routes that have high demand will cost more.

In addition, the car shipping rates will increase, if you choose door-to-door auto transport services. Because, in order to ship vehicle at your doorstep, the driver will need to disconnect from the main route and it will consume more fuel. Therefore, the car shipper will set higher prices for door-to-door auto shipping services.

The Time Schedule

The time is another major factor that determines the cost of car shipping services. If you are someone, who needs car shipping rates on urgent basis, then you should be prepared for high car shipping rates. The car shipping costs less, if you can be flexible in your pickup and delivery dates for shipping vehicle.

These three major factors influence the car shipping rates. There are many other factors such as the car carriers and insurance coverage. Moreover, in some seasons the car shipping rates also rise. For example, the car shipping rates for shipping vehicles in the South and North America are high nowadays. This is because of the bad weather and hurricanes hitting these areas. Very few car transporters are willing to operate for the affected areas because of which the car shipping rates are high for shipping vehicles.

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