Federal Agencies can Help You Avoid Auto Shipping Scams

Due to increasing import/export of vehicles, the auto shipping services are in great demand. There are number of reliable auto carriers operating in the United States. However, at the same time, the auto transport industry continues to be affected with auto transport scams. Especially, the online vehicle sale/purchase is affected a lot by fake car transporters. The websites such as Craigslist and Yahoo autos are the most targeted websites, where fake auto shippers ditched many customers.

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Due to increasing number of auto transport scams, several US federal agencies have decided to aware and assist customers about the auto shipping frauds. In addition, these agencies work in order to take actions against scams and non-reputed auto transporters for consumer welfare. Therefore, it is imperative for customers to know how to avoid auto shipping frauds. The customers are always advised to verify the company’s legitimacy and expertise before signing the contract. In order to know the particulars of a car transporter, you must contact the following agencies:

Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

If you are looking for marine shipping services for shipping vehicle overseas, then you must contact with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). The FMC regulates the ocean transportation in the United States and ranks companies according to their shipping capabilities. Moreover, the services like Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are there to assist customers about various aspects of dealing with auto transporters.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

All the auto-shipping companies (intestate and international) are required to register with the U.S Department of Transportation that monitors the transportation activities including auto shipping. You can either call or visit the website of Department of Transportation to know the legitimacy of auto shipper. The auto shipper will have an active DOT number, if it is legitimate. Moreover, by verifying the auto shipper with DOT, you will be able to know whether it is insured or not.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Business Bureau is a federal agency that works in order to build the consumer supplier relations. You must verify the auto shipper with Better Business Bureau in order to see whether it is accredited with BBB or not. It will also enable you to know the complaints filed against auto shipper’s services. Hence, you will have an idea about the experience of past customers with auto shipping company.

Remember, not all car-shipping companies are legitimate therefore, it is very important for you to know the credentials of auto transport company prior to hiring it.

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