A Guide to Have a Hassle Free Auto Shipping Experience

If you want to hire the services of an auto transporter for relocating the vehicle, you will need to organize your auto shipping process. There are number of auto shipping companies in the United States that can help you to move your vehicle to the desired location, but you are advised to consider several factors prior to signing a contract with an auto shipper. Following are the tips that will help you to organize your auto shipping process to have a hassle free car shipping experience:

auto carriers

Tips for Choosing an Auto Shipper

First off, you will need to hire a reliable auto shipper. In order to determine the reliability of an auto shipping company, consider following points:

  • Make sure the auto transport company is registered with the U.S Department of Transportation and has an active DOT number.
  • Contact Better Business Bureau in order to know how long the company has been operating in auto transport industry. It is recommended to hire the company that has been in this business for about ten years.
  • In addition, check with BBB database in order to know the complaints filed against the auto shipper.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully to find out the answers of your questions regarding vehicle shipping process. Make sure you understand the policy and procedure well before signing the contract.

Tips for Choosing Services and Transporting Methods

  • Open or Enclosed Auto Carriers: It depends on the type of vehicle you are transporting. If it is a classic or antique car, then the best choice would be enclosed car carriers because in open car carriers, the vehicle can be exposed of certain outside factors.
  • Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Services: It depends on your budget. If you are someone, who have limited budget, then it would be better to choose terminal to terminal delivery because the cost of door to door services is 30-50% higher than terminal to terminal services.

Tips for Preparing the Vehicle for Shipping

  • You must remove all of your possessions from the vehicle.
  • Get a car condition statement of vehicle and note down dents and scratches.
  • Make sure, the fuel in the vehicle is no more than 1/4th of 1/8th of fuel tank.

Make sure you consider all the important points before signing a contract with an auto shipper. In order to avoid possible disputes, you are advised to get everything in writing.


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