Process of Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Hiring an auto shipping company is not an easy task especially, when you do not have a prior experience of shipping vehicle with the help of an auto shipper. Therefore, if you are looking for an auto transport company to get your vehicle shipped to a distant location, then make sure you acquire the services of an expert company. First, you will need to consider the fact that not all the auto-shipping companies are legitimate and skilled. Therefore, it is imperative to consider a set of points that will help you to come up with high standard auto shipping services: following is the information that will give you an insight of auto transport process and will help you to choose the right company:

auto carriers

Research and Make a List of Companies

Your process of choosing an auto shipping company should begin with researching and making a list of well-known auto transport companies in your area. You can browse through various websites, blogs, and forums that will help you to gather the details of various companies. In addition, you can read the reviews of ex-customers on the websites of auto shippers that will also allow you to create a list of well-reputed companies. Apart from internet, you can use telephone directory to contact the auto shippers in your area but it is expensive. Therefore, you are advised to search through internet for making a list of well-reputed companies in your area.

Inquire about Important Details

Once you are done with compiling a list of companies, it is time to inquire some of important details about these companies. You should contact with these companies and inquire about following details:

Legitimacy: Inquire about the legitimacy. Make sure the companies are licensed from Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

BBB Accredited: You should also verify the companies with Better Business Bureau. It will help you to know the complaints filed against the services. Thus, you will be able to check which company is accredited from BBB.

Transportation Machinery:  You should also inquire about the transportation machinery such as open and enclosed auto carrier.

Auto Shipping Quotes: You should get quotes from these companies in order to know the cost of auto shipping services.

After gathering the required information, you should compare these companies. The comparison will allow you to hire the company that best meets your auto shipping requirements.


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