Two Ways to Resolve a Dispute with an Auto Shipper

If you think your vehicle is mishandled while shipping, you should look for the available options to resolve your dispute with the transporter. Remember quarreling and going hard at the auto shipper is not a way to resolve your dispute with the company. Therefore, you should avoid it. Most of the companies welcome their customers for making settlements. However, if the vehicle transportation company is not cooperating, you must consult the federal agencies that regulate the US auto transportation.

vehicle transportation

However, prior to contacting with the federal agencies, make sure you have:

  1. The copy of auto shipping contract signed by you and the auto shipper
  2. Copy of car condition statement
  3. Car shipping insurance

Following are the main federal agencies that can help you to resolve your dispute with the auto shipping company:

Better Business Bureau

The US Better Business Bureau is a reputable federal department which ranks the companies in different industries. In addition, it works for establishing a fair marketplace for consumers and   companies. The BBB’s activities involve rating the companies and recording the customers’ complaints regarding the services of a company.

No auto transport company would ever want to go down in BBB ratings. Therefore, the company will try to negotiate with you to settle the dispute. However, if it is not settled, you must contact the BBB. The BBB’s jurisdiction will look into the details of auto shipping contract and the damage done to your vehicle in order to make a reasonable decision.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Sometimes, the companies refused to accept the decision made by the Better Business Bureau and the dispute remains the same. In such situation, you must contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a subsidiary of US Department of Transportation. The FMCSA regulates and monitors the transportation in the United States. In addition, it works in order to resolve the disputes among customers and companies.

No matter what FMCSA decides, both the parties will have to accept it. If the company does not cooperate at this level, the FMCSA holds the right to cancel its USDOT number. Therefore, you must contact the FMCSA to find out an acceptable solution of your dispute.

These are the two possible ways of resolving the disputes with an auto shipper. However, hardly a dispute reaches this level because no company can afford to have a dent on its reputation.

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