Auto Shipping Conflicts and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

When we find ourselves in a conflict with some company, we try to resolve the problem by directly dealing with the other party. If it remains unresolved, we hire attorneys to take the party to court for legal actions. Sometimes, we involve a third party (other than court) to find out a feasible solution. This is a general dispute resolution process that most parties ought to follow when they are found in a conflict.

The same stands for auto transport conflicts. If your vehicle is mishandled while it is being imported with the help of ocean transporter, you must immediately report the company. Initially, try to resolve it on your own. However, if it remains unresolved, you must not directly take other party to court because there are alternatives to it that may cost you less as compared to taking legal actions.

One of the best alternative solutions to resolve your conflict is to acquire the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADRS) of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS). The Office of CADRS is a department of Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), which deals with ocean transportation in USA. The department assists users and ocean transporters in resolving conflicts related to ocean transportation activities. The CADRS assists consumers in following issues:auto transport dispute solution

  • Cargo shipments
  • Household goods shipments
  • Cruise passenger issues

In order to avail the dispute resolution services, you will need to provide the following documents to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS):

  • Original copy of vehicle shipping agreement provided by the ocean transporter
  • Vehicle condition statement
  • Price quotes
  • Details of marine shipping insurance

The CADRS staff will look into the details of provided evidences and documents and may suggest a particular ADR. Some of ADR methods are Ombuds Assistance, Mediation, and Arbitration that offer feasible solutions to both parties for making settlements.

The CADRS staff only recommends solutions to parties. It does not have the authority to take legal decisions through the assistance procedure. However, in case of availing Arbitration services, the parties would not be able for taking the matter to court. However, if the CADRS fail to resolve the issue, it will be referred to another agency that may have the enforcement authority. For more details regarding the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, you must log onto the site of Federal Maritime Commission. It will enable you to know further legalities involved in the resolution procedure.

To see how you can avoid disputes while dealing with a car transport company, get help from auto shipping experts.


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