How can You Be Sure That a Vehicle Transporter is Legitimate?

The statistics show over three million vehicles are shipped with the help of vehicle transporters each year without any incident. This is 95% of total vehicles transported each year, which means vehicle transport companies take full care of vehicle while it is being transported. Although, this high percentage shows the expertise and somehow reliability of auto transporters in industry but still there are many stories about auto shipping scams making use of uneducated customers. Therefore, it is worth putting little efforts to ensure legitimacy of the auto transport company prior to signing on shipping contract. Following are three of the most authentic ways that can help customers to determine legitimacy of an auto shipping company accurately:

Check DOT and MC Number

DOTAll auto shipping companies are required to be registered by the US Department of Transportation. US Department of Transportation monitors the transportation including auto transport activities of vehicle shipping companies. In order verify legitimacy of an auto shipper, you must log onto FMCSA’s Licensing and Insurance Carrier Search. By entering the required information, such as DBA Name, Legal Name, Docket Number, and DOT Number, you will be able to view the record of auto shipper. In order to see the details click on Report and check whether the auto shipper has an active DOT registration or not. In addition, check status of Motor Carrier number to be sure the company is insured as well.

Check with Better Business Bureau

BBBAlthough, vehicle transporters are not required to register with Better Business Bureau but customers can report their complaints and issues to BBB against the company. You must check vehicle shipper with BBB in order to view complaints filed against it, if any. This will help you to identify how company treats with customers.

Use Internet

Customers regularly report fraudulent vehicle shippers and their issues on different online forums and blogs. A Google search with official name or website URL of the auto shipper can help you to find such forums and blogs. Carefully read what people have talked about company. However, make sure the complaint(s) is real. A single complaint is not enough to determine the repute of a car shipper. Apart from finding customer reviews on forums and blogs, you must read the reviews on website of company. It will also enable you to know experience of past customers with company. In addition, you will have a better sense how to deal with the particular auto shipper.


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