Car Shipping Scams: Targeting Online Customers

Most customers use internet for locating an auto shipping company for transporting their vehicle from one place to another. When using internet for hiring an auto shipping company, it is very important to beware of brokers and companies offering you to transport your car below average car shipping rates. Many of these may be frauds. These scammers offer great attractive deals for transporting vehicles and will ask you a full deposit in advance for transporting vehicle. Never choose a company, which is asking for a full payment in advanced because legitimate companies never demand for a full payment in advance.

auto transport company

A number of ways can help people to see whether a company is legitimate or not. However, verifying auto-shipping company by using online tools is a great way of keeping yourself away from scammers. If you are thinking of hiring an auto transport company online, you should verify its reputation with the use of following tools:

SaferSys Database

The SaferSys is an online database provided by Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA regulates interstate auto movers and keeps an eye on all companies to establish a fair marketplace for customers. All companies are required to register with FMCSA under a specific DOT and MC number.

In order to verify legitimacy of vehicle shipping company, you should log onto to Scroll down the page and click on “Company Safety Profile Request.” The form will come up with option of DOT number and Email address. By providing required info, the company safety profile will be sent to you email address. You must carefully analyze the safety record. Make sure it has an active USDOT number as well as holds an MC number. This ensures you the company is registered and insured. However, this is not enough. You should also check safety record. See how long the company has been operating in this business.

Check its doing business as. Make sure you are dealing with a fully equipped auto shipping company instead of a broker. Careful analysis of safety record will enable you to determine legitimacy of company you are hiring for transporting your vehicle.

BBB Search a Business

Although SaferSys will give you a clear idea about a company’s profile but knowing experience of past customers with it is also important. For that, you should verify auto shipper with Better Business Bureau. By logging onto Search a Business option, you will be able to view complaints filed against auto shipper. Check how many are unresolved. You will better be able to understand how company dealt with its customers.

If you are interested in shipping a car across country, we can help you in making an informed decision.


One thought on “Car Shipping Scams: Targeting Online Customers

  1. Duofast transport and National Dealers Transport

    I would like to let everyone know what a nightmare of a company duofast transport based
    out of Miami Florida. I needed a car transported from North Carolina to Florida. I filled
    out a form on a website to get a quote and duofast came back with the best quote. I dealt
    with one of their salesman who does not even have a professional e-mail address but was
    using a gmail account(read emails below). Upon speaking to this guy I told him that I needed
    the car picked up by a certain date and he assured me that it would be picked up and not to

    I made a deposit of 100.00 and everything was good. The original date came and went and duofast
    did not pickup the car. When calling duofast back they said to wait a couple days and the car
    would be picked up. I was leaving this address where the car was and would not be returning
    so I asked them if I could leave the key in the car, they said yes. The second date came and
    went. I called them again to ask what was going on and they said they needed an additional
    100.00 to pick up the car. So I said, ok, go for it, I’ll pay the drive when he gets to me
    the additional 100.00. Duofast get me a new date to pickup the car, this date too came and
    went. Called them back, asked what was going on, and they said they could have it picked up
    same day for an additional 100.00. Feeling the scam going on and not wanting to get deeper
    into it. I canceled the deal.

    Duofast transport promised to refund my money(read emails below). This is a long drawn out
    battle for the refund(basically they played me for a sucker). They said the check was in the
    mail. I waited two weeks, no check, called and spoke to a woman named Katie Williams. She
    assured me the check was sent out, says she checked and the check got returned because of a
    bad address. A big lie on Katie’s behalf. Katie then proceeded to say that she had refunded
    the original credit card 100.00. Another two months go by and no credit, so now I call and
    Katie Williams claims that the merchant she was using, she no longer uses, and that I should
    call my bank to dispute the charge. Guess what, the bank says it has been past 60 days and
    there is nothing they can do.

    You can clearly see in the following emails how they play games and bought themselves time
    They lied about a check being in the mail and they lied about the refund on the credit card.

    They do business under several names and have several phone #’s

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