How to Decide between Open and Enclosed Auto Carrier

auto carriersVehicle shipping is one among the confusing processes involving many risks, if you do not make right decisions for transporting vehicle. When shipping vehicle with help of an auto transport company, one of the main things you will need to decide about is type of trailer for relocating vehicle. It is observed mostly people get confused in choosing among open and enclosed auto carriers. However, it should not be a problem for those who know their vehicle shipping requirements well.

A number of factors are required to consider while choosing between open and enclosed trailers. However, prior to going into details of factors, it is imperative to know whether you use open or enclosed trailers, safety of vehicle mainly depends on car shipping company. Therefore, make sure you are hiring an expert company having skilled drivers. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to risk your vehicle therefore, it is better to choose enclosed trailers for transporting your vehicle.

Generally, your decision should be based on following major factors:

Type of Vehicle

If you are transporting a luxury, classic, or exotic vehicle, then prefer shipping it in enclosed car carriers. Otherwise, using traditional way of transporting vehicle is recommended.


Distance required for moving vehicle is also a considerable factor for deciding among vehicle carriers. If it will take about three to seven days, choose enclosed transportation because due to climate changes and other external factors, exterior of vehicle can be affected.


People, who know the worth of having a vehicle, will not consider this much but sometimes they ought to. This is because of the expensiveness of enclosed car carriers. The cost of enclosed transportation is about 30-50% higher as compared to open transportation. So, if you do not have enough money, you will need to ship vehicle by choosing open car carriers. You should not be hesitant in choosing it because the vehicle shipping companies take special care of assets of their customers.


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