Protect Your Move from Moving Fraudsters

According to moving statistics, around forty million US citizens move every year for various personal reasons and job opportunities. Moving can be memorable as well as stressful depending on your circumstances. One of the major concerns while moving is learn how to avoid and protect yourself from dishonest and fake movers.

vehicle transportationMost moving companies are reliable that offer quality services. However, in recent past, an increasing number of complaints have been filed against all kind of interstate movers such as, goods and vehicle transportation. Most of these complaints were regarding fraudsters and dishonest movers. Because of these reasons, the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA), which regulates interstate movers, is much active now. In collaboration with local and Federal law and enforcement agencies, it is working in order to establish a fair marketplace for customers.

However, it is not only responsibility of the FMCSA and law and enforcement agencies for helping you to avoid being victim of interstate moving scammers. You will also have to plan an important role. If you are planning for a move out to another city, you must learn your rights and responsibilities prior to making your move. For that, you should visit Protect Your Mover, which isa website of Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration, from where you can get all relevant details.

When moving vehicles or household goods with help of an auto mover, you are advised to educate yourself with your rights and responsibilities that include:

  1. You must verify mover’s accreditation with FMCSA to make sure it is licensed, insured, and skilled. You can do it by visiting SaferSys database.
  2. It is always a good idea to know whether mover has unresolved complaints on its account. It will enable you to know how past customers were being dealt by the company.
  3. The terms and conditions of moving goods vary company to company. Therefore, you must thoroughly read the contract in order to avoid confusions as well as unfair charges.
  4. In case, your belongings are mishandled during transportation, you must know where to contact in order to resolve conflicts. Usually, FMCSA’s jurisdiction solves interstate moving conflicts between customers and movers. However, customers can also file their complaints in Better Business Bureau as well as take mover to court.

For more information regarding making an interstate move, you should surf online to read relevant articles on various blogs and sites.


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