Six Steps Required For Registering an Auto Transport Business with FMCSA

vehicle transportationAuto transport services are becoming a need for people shifting homes from one city to another. Similarly, automotive dealers who frequently import and export vehicles for their customers, often need to sign contracts with auto shipping companies for transporting vehicles to desired places. Since relocation, import, and export of vehicle is increasing, demand for auto transporters is increasing. At present, a number of vehicle transportation companies are operating in industry and greatly meeting the demands of customers.

However, transportation experts are predicting a shortage of auto transport services in coming years because sale/purchase of cars will constantly be increasing in coming years. Along with that department of US Statistic Bureau has predicted there will be around 230 thousand transportation jobs from which most of will be for trucking and moving industry in coming ten years. Considering these statistics, a number of people are inclined towards opening up their own auto transport business that is a good move on their part of investing in a lucrative field.

If you are one out of many people who are thinking of starting a vehicle shipping business, you need to understand the terms and conditions for operating in USA. In order to operate as an auto transporter in USA, you need an authority form US Department of Transportation (USDOT) as well as Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA). No company is allowed to operate without an active DOT and Motor Carrier number. Therefore, you should contact FMCSA to get your USDOT number, operating authority, safety permit and cargo tank number. For that, you will also need to submit a financial statement to show your ability to start up an auto transport business.

In order to get assistance with registration process, you are required to visit the website of Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration and follow the Registration and Licensing process online. However, prior to going through online process, you should know the steps in FMCSA registration process. Following are the key steps involved in registration with Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration:

  1. First off, make sure you know what kind of operating authority you need and determine your FMCSA requirements.
  2. Considering your requirements, check what forms you should fill.
  3. Provide exact information in FMCSA form(s) and submit.
  4. Complete the registration and notifications requirements.
  5. Obtain permanent USDOT registration.
  6. Maintain your DOT number and authority

These are the steps involved in registering your auto transport business with Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration.


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