Things You Need to Know Before and After Shipping Process

ship a carEven though vehicle shipping is a common activity for most people but still many of them are not aware of the process well. A number of people are observed to have confusions regarding the process. In addition, most people do not know their right and responsibilities for moving vehicle with an auto transporter. Although vehicle shipper is responsible to ship car but there are some important things that customers need to know before entrusting and after receiving vehicle:

Before You Handover Vehicle to Auto Shipper

Not many people know how to prepare vehicle before process, which is why most auto transporters refuse or delay for shipping car. Following the main points you should consider before entrusting vehicle to auto shipper:

  1. Most companies need to know functionality of vehicle before finalizing deal with a customer. Therefore, whether you need to ship a functional or an out of order vehicle, make sure you inform your company about it so that it can arrange safety measures accordingly.
  2. Your vehicle is not a shipping container so avoid shipping personal belongings in it. It is damaging for both the stuff and vehicle. In addition, if it is stolen, then you cannot claim because vehicle shipping insurance does not cover it.
  3. Do not allow the auto mover to take vehicle away until it provides you written and signed copies of insurance policy, vehicle condition statement, and shipping agreement.

After Vehicle Shipping Process

You must keep the following information in mind when auto mover contacts you to receive your vehicle:

  1. Ask it to ship deliver it in day timings, if your auto mover is calling you at night. You are advised so because inspecting vehicle at night vehicle inspection cannot be done rightfully.
  2. You must inspect the vehicle carefully and match the pre vehicle shipping condition report after shipping process.
  3. If your vehicle is being mishandled during transportation, contact the officials and file your complaint. Do not pay until the company solves your matter.

If it is not cooperating, then you can contact the federal agencies like FMCSA and USDOT for resolving the conflict.

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