Money Saving Tips on Transporting Vehicle with an Auto Transporter

how to ship a carMany people who do not have a prior experience of vehicle shipping services may not know how much does it cost to ship a car. This is the main reason why most customers fail to save money on transporting vehicle with a car transporter. The following money saving tips will help you save a considerable amount while getting quotes:

Get Multiple Quotes

The foremost tip is to get multiple quotes from five to ten auto-shipping companies. By knowing the vehicle shipping estimates of various companies, you will be able to identify the one offering services within your budget. This is not only helpful for getting economical rates but also enables you to compare services of these companies. Hence, overall it helps you to hire competitive services at economical rates.

Ask for Discounts

Not many people need vehicle-shipping services regularly, which is why they mostly do not know the discounts available for them. Not all but many companies offer discounts on their services in various scenarios. Following are some of the discounts that may be available for you:

  1. Special discounts for army persons
  2. Senior civil citizenship
  3. Student discounts
  4. Contractual discounts i.e. automotive sellers who need car transportation regularly
  5. Shipping multiple cars

You should not hesitate in asking about these discounts. Especially when you need to ship multiple cars, chances are that the auto shipper will charge you less.

Car Delivery

Your vehicle shipping rates depend on car delivery perspective also. You are charged high when vehicle shipper picks and ships vehicle from your doorstep. Therefore, if you somehow put a little extra effort to drop and receive vehicle from terminal point of company, then you will be charged less. The cost to ship a car at doorstep costs high because it disconnects the auto mover from the main route. Therefore, if you leave it on your car shipper, then it tends to charge less on shipping car.

Shipping Dates

If you do not need vehicle shipping services urgently, then do not push your auto shipper to ship it early. It will likely be the case of high fee or the company may refuse to ship it. Therefore, you should be flexible in car delivery dates.

Open Carriers

To save money on vehicle transportation, you should consider open carriers especially when you are not transporting a classy car. it is also a save way of transporting vehicle and if your vehicle is damaged, you can claim for it.

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