Auto Shipping Guidelines

vehicle shipping ratesIt is a common believe that hiring an auto transport company is the only thing required for relocating a vehicle. This is why often customers face delays in vehicle shipping process. However, when you expect auto shipper to ship vehicle, then they expect you to do your part also. In order to ship your vehicle on time and avoid additional vehicle shipping rates, you must review the following information prior to delivering your vehicle:

Documents and Forms

The first step you need to take is to provide to be prepared to provide the following important documents and forms to auto shipper:

Vehicle Declaration Form: Vehicle declaration form must be filled for all vehicles need to be shipped.

Power of Attorney to Export: Vehicle: this form is required to be filled by vehicle owner(s) in order to clear Customs.

Letter of Intent: It is needed to show the cause of transporting vehicle along with vehicle title.

Prepare Your Vehicle

This is the most important part of auto shipping process that is being ignored by majority of customers. Remember, if you would not prepare your vehicle as per auto shipping guidelines, then it may cost your vehicle and you may be paying high a vehicle shipping rates. Therefore, do not forget to prepare your vehicle. Here is what needs to be considered while preparing vehicle for transportation:

Remove Loose Items: If any of the vehicle part is loose, then you must remove it.

Personal Belongings: Even though some auto transporters allow it but you should not prefer to ship personal belongings along with vehicle. Because of extra luggage, the vehicle overweighs the allowed limit that is not allowed, as per federal laws.

Car Alarm: You must remove or deactivate the car security alarm.

Fuel in the Tank:  the fuel in the tank must not exceed the 1/4th or 1/8th of the fuel tank.

Vehicle Condition: If you are transporting a non-operable vehicle, then do not forget to inform your auto shipper about it. Non-functional vehicles need extra arrangements for loading and unloading of trailers.

Condition Report: You must ask your auto transporter to prepare a vehicle condition report. It will help you to compare vehicle condition before and after shipping process.

Documents: Do not let the auto mover go until it provides you a signed copy of auto shipping insurance, condition statement, and contact detail.

This is the most important information regarding auto transport process that all customers should consider apart from hiring auto transport companies. This does not only allow you to keep things simple but also to sense the reputation of your auto shipper.

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