Information Need to be Considered Before Searching Auto Transporter

car shipping quotesAn alternative to driving for moving a car to far location is to choose auto transport services. Many people consider auto transportation, when they purchase vehicles from out of state via internet. In addition, many people hire auto transporters for shipping car to less the amount of stress involved in moving household goods while relocating home. The process of auto transportation is simple as the following points:

  1. Request car shipping quote from several auto shippers in your area
  2. Compare the estimated rates and their services
  3. Check registration status and safety records of each auto transporter with FMCSA
  4. Hire the one that is registered, insured, and offering quality services at competitive prices.

Making comparison of auto shipping companies is an easy way of locating a reliable auto transport company. However, prior to hiring a car shipping company, knowing few of the important aspects of auto transportation is imperative for safe relocation of car. Following is what you need to know regarding auto transportation:

Auto Carriers

Even though safety of vehicle during auto transportation mainly depends on the expertise of auto transporter but choosing right shipping trailer is equally important. Auto shippers offer enclosed, open, and multi auto shipping carriers for transporting vehicle. People are often confused at time of deciding among carriers. All carriers are safe for transportation but it depends on your budget and type of vehicle needs to be transported. Following points would help you make the right choice:

  1. If you are not transporting a luxury vehicle, then no need to spend extra for shipping it in enclosed carriers.
  2. However, if budget is not your main problem, then you should prefer choosing enclosed auto carriers. They offer a great protection while a vehicle is being transported.

Car Delivery Options

You can choose either door to door or terminal to terminal services for shipping vehicle according to your preferred choice. The cost of terminal-to-terminal shipping is less as compared to door-to-door shipping. Therefore, if you have financial constraints, you should prefer choosing terminal services.


Insurance should not be your one of biggest concern. Most auto carriers provide liability coverage up to $ 50,000 while some of them offer less. However, some companies do not check the insurance box while giving you bill of lading that means your vehicle is not insured for transportation. Therefore, you should be careful regarding insuring your transportation.

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