Effects of Increasing Fuel Prices on Trucking Industry

auto transportOver the past few years, moving and trucking industry has been improving constantly which is why many movers made a significant repute across the country. However, now that the fuel prices are increasing and nearly touching $4 per gallon, the industry seems to have many problems. The rising fuel prices are affecting trucking industry in several ways. Though transportation experts including federal regulating agencies are putting their maximum efforts to help out auto transport companies in optimizing routes and resources but change of fuel price every once in a while strikes badly. Here are some major issues that fuel prices are posing to trucking and moving companies:

Number of Trucks Reduced

Several auto transport companies, to optimize the cost of fuel, have reduced the numbers of trucks for transporting. Even some of the companies are about to close their businesses entirely by selling off the trailers to other parties in the industry. The reduction in numbers of trucks in trucking industry means scarcity that would not be enough to accommodate the ever-growing demand of moving services. With fuel prices increased and trucks reduced, auto shippers have no option other than to increase the shipping rates also.

Number of Drivers Reduced

Since the prices of fuel are increasing, auto-moving companies have no other options than to reduce the number of drivers also. The industry at this point is unable to afford drivers as well. This is another reason why auto transportation services are expensive nowadays.

 The surging fuel prices are not only affecting the industry but the customers as well. If this kept going, the interstate mover would eventually increase the shipping rates to make profit.

However, some reputable and well-known companies are still able to serve their customers at quite reasonable prices. There are several reasons behind it:

  1. Use of cruise control methods that are fuel efficient
  2. Keeping their trucks and trailers well tuned and in order that ultimately provides more mileage

Feet management services including time idling


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