Five Most Important Points to Verify Reliability of a Mover

auto transportationWhether you need to move household goods or vehicle to a distant location, verifying the reliability of moving out company is always important. Particularly, a vehicle is your valuable asset that needs to be transported safety, which is possible only when you hire reliable and legitimate auto shipper. Assuming all auto and household goods movers are reliable is the reason why most people become victim of rogue and fraud companies. The moving and trucking industry consists of both legitimate and fake companies, which is why you are advised to determine reliability of your mover prior to signing the contract. Here are some useful tips on how to recognize reliability of a moving out company:

Acceptance without Inspection

The only goal of fraudsters and unprofessional moving out companies is to make most money out of customers. Therefore, they would even ask about the size of luggage or type of vehicle needs to be transported.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Guide

All interstate movers are required by law to give copy of a guide name “Know Your Rights and Responsibilities” to customers. This guide covers each topic and aspect of relocating goods and vehicles that would ensure safe relocation. Therefore, you must get this guide from your company. Or if it does not provide you the guide, visit to download this guide.

No Insurance, No License

The fake and unreliable companies are never licensed or insured. You must verify the insurance and license details of your mover. For that, use the online tools such as or Doing Business As search from website of Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Payment Method

Unreliable and rogue movers require you to pay shipping charges in advance. Besides this, fraudsters require you to pay shipping fee via non-traceable money transferring methods. You should always hire the companies that do not demand full payment and have their own traceable bank accounts.

No Official Email Address

Reliability of a company can be verified by checking its email address. All legitimate companies use their personal accounts on their website domain. The fake movers do not have such accounts. They use the ordinary email account services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Thus, if the company’s account is on Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, you should avoid doing business with it.

Make sure you consider these important points while dealing with luggage or auto movers to have hassle free shipping experience.


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