Famous James Bond’s Rides

james bond carsWhen a superstar like James Bond rides a car, it instantly becomes an icon among his fans. In his long career, he has driven several vehicles in his films that became desirable right after the movie was released. Here is the list of vehicles being used by James Bond in his different movies:

Aston Martin DBS

aston martin

This bond car has athletic performance along with superb shape. It is a powerful machine capable of going through the twisty and tough road confidently. Its 510 horsepower V12 engine makes it a perfect vehicle to ride at an enjoyable pace.

AMC Hornet

AMC Hornet james bond

Even though the European rides are popular all across the world, but when Bond 007 with Golden Gun seated used AMC Hornet, the American AMC Hornet ruled for quite a long time among car enthusiasts.

Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit james bond

When people talk about Lotus Esprit, it is regarded as the car that twisted into a submarine. Besides, this is one among the most iconic vehicles of Bond’s rides.

Alpine Series Sunbeam 11

Alpine Series Sunbeam 11 james bond

Though not too famous among James Bond’s fans, but falls among the gadget-equipped cars that offer a smooth drive.


BMW Z8 james bond

This BMW is much cooler than the Z3 because of perfect horsepower and mileage. The ability to drive it remotely with key chain is something we see rarely today. BYD, the Chinese car Manufacturer has introduced a similar function car that offers the same keychain features.

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