World’s Richest People – See What Car They Ride

Some cars are stars on their own while others become superstars when world’s richest people drive them.  Let us have a look on cars being driven by world’s richest people:

Carlos Slim Helu Drives Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Carlos Slim Helu is world’s number one richest person according to Forbes. He drives his Bentley Continental Flying Spur to his work on his own. Bentley Continental Flying Spur is expensive which has a price tag of about $300,000.

Bill Gates Owns Porsche 959 Coupe

Porsche 959

Bill Gates signed a federal law in order to request Bill Clinton to drive this car because there was no crash test rating for Porsche 959 Coupe. Out of total 230 Porsche 959 Coupe cars, Bill Gates owns this, which has a price of $225,000.

 Second Richest Women Drives 2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch

Ford F-150 King Ranch

Alice Walton is the world’s second richest women who used 2006 Ford F-150 Kind Ranch to hang in and around the mountainous areas. Retail price of this simple choice of Alice Walton is $40,000.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud has Rolls Royce Phantom

pearl white rolls royce phantom

The member of Saudi Royal family Prince always Bin Talal Alsaud hangs in his Rolls Royce Phantom, which has an entry level, cost about $246,000.

Mayor New York Michael Bloomberg owns Audi R8


Michael Bloomberg, who is mayor of New York as well as an entrepreneur, drives Audi R8. This glamorous car costs around $120,000 and accelerates 0-60 in just about 3 seconds.

Mark Zuckerberg has Acura TSX

2012 AcuraTSX

The young billionaire and Facebook founder rides its Acura TSX, which has a price of $30,000.

Steve Jobs’ Wife Drives Audi A5

Audi A5

The legendary founder of Apple founder Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Jobs rides Audi A5, which is often parked outside their home in Palo Alto. This vehicle has a starting tag price of $37,000.

Eric Schmidt Enjoys Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Google mogul Eric Schmidt has the most modest cars of all time i.e. Toyota Prius. It is not only environmental friendly but also affordable. The cost to own this car is just under $12,000.

Author Bio:

Christina is a writer working for a network of auto transporters in US. She loves writing on cars, auto history, auto transport and reading classic vehicle books, import, export of vehicles as well as how auto transport industry works. Contact her if you need information on vehicle shipping process.


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