Four Coolest Cars Under $18000

While I was surfing online to find out coolest car deals for my blog viewers, I came across distinct price ranges at different auto auctions and found Kelly Blue Book’s retail prices best. People, who are looking for reliable, versatile, and desirable cars at affordable prices, would not mind purchasing any of these coolest cars under $18000:

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart is an exceptional vehicle having perfect combination of performance, style, and value, which is why it is at top of the list. Not only exterior, its interior is always exceptional which also offers loads of options to personalize it.

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

If you are inspired by European rides, then you must consider buying Volkswagen Jetta to get the European driving feel. With full warranty, digital connectively, and tasteful styling, Jetta is a perfect for years to come.

2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

Since its debut in America, 2012 Honda fit appealed thousands of auto enthusiasts to enjoy its fun drive. Its cool back seat flips and folds, which offers useful cargo space to accommodate a certain amount of goods.

2012 Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

If you need to have a car, which would give sporty looks, then Mazda 3 is for you. With perfect dynamics, Mazda 3 is superb to ride which is why it is among the top coolest as well as affordable cars.

Author Bio:

Christina is car enthusiast working for a network of auto shipper. She has written automobile transport reviews for people to organize their vehicle shipping process in order to have reliable auto shipping services and hassle free ship car experience. You can contact her at to get advice on car shipping process.


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