Bugatti Veyron – The Fastest and Expensive Car

Out of all most expensive and high performance cars, Bugatti Veyron is considered best and fastest vehicle. There are number of features that make it a super car. For example, there are ten radiators in Veyron. While three radiators keep the engine cool, one exchanges heat for air to liquid intercoolers, two regulate AC, one oil radiator, one transmission oil radiator, one engine oil radiator, and one hydraulic oil radiator work for spoiler. Besides, it has following features:

  1. Speed wise it has a drag co efficient of 0.36, which is the reason why driver experiences a smooth fast ride.
  2. Moreover, with an engine power of 1001 hp, it produced a torque of 920 lb-ft.
  3. Even though it has reached the top speed of 253 mph, the average top speed listed is 233 mph.
  4. It takes a time of 2.46 seconds to go from 0-60 mph.

These are just few key features, the list would never end if we keep on mentioning the amazing, beautiful, and aesthetic interior and exterior of Veyron. Besides the special Veyron edition, following are the two amazing special editions:

Pur Sang

It is ranked as a pure edition of Veyron introduced at a Frankfurt Motor show. Pur Sang edition of Veyron features high gloss aluminum wheels, pure aluminum carbon fiber body, and diamond cut finish.

Fbg par Hermes

This special edition of Veyron was launched in 2008 at Geneva Motor Show. It is available in four different colors i.e. Blue, Indigo, Indigo Blue, and Lime Green.

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