Avail High-Quality Shipping Facilities of Professional Auto Movers

To ship a car to any destination is not difficult now because of the level of ship a carfacilitation the car owners can have now. There are different ways to be facilitated for shipping the car with ease. The best way to ship every kind of vehicle is to hire any professional and reliable auto shipping company. To facilitate the car owners, almost every car moving company is offering a large number of high-tech services to the vehicle owners. Some of the car transportation facilities are as follows:

Door-to-Door Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, auto movers take the responsibility to pick and drop the vehicle at the desired location of the customers.

Terminal-to Terminal Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, the car owners have to take the responsibility to drop and pick the vehicle from the defined location of the auto movers.

Open Auto Carriers

These carriers are open, inexpensive, and capable of shipping multiple vehicles at one time.

Closed Auto Carriers

These carriers are closed and capable of shipping every kind of vehicle safely and exclusively. However, the car owners should know that these carriers are little expensive to afford as compare to open auto carriers.

Insured Shipping Services and GPS Tracker

To ensure the safety of the vehicle, professional auto shippers offer insured services as well as GPS Tracker to the car owners so that they can locate their vehicles during shipping with ease.

However, to avail any of these above-mentioned services is dependent on the car owner and he can make his selection of services based on his requirements and available budget.

Need to know how to make right choice of car shipping services? Check out these tips on car moving.


3 Ways to Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

improve fuel efficiencyWe all know that oil prices are increasing day by day at alarming rates and it is becoming almost impossible for the vehicle owners to afford multiple cars. You will be amazed to know that almost $0.40 SGD increase in oil prices has been notified recently and it seems like it will increase more. The worst part is that oil prices are not affecting only multiple vehicle owners but also shifting buying trends, business trends, etc. Now individuals as well as business owners are focusing more on learning fuel efficiency tips. Besides this, their interest has also inclined towards buying such products. One of such businesses is of auto shippers like http://www.autotransportdepot.com, who adopt effective techniques to provide their services with fuel-efficient trailers. If you are also interested in making your vehicle fuel-efficient then there are many reliable techniques, which you can consider. Some of these techniques are as follows:

  1. Set a Limit to Your Driving Craze

You must have noticed many people, who drive all the day like crazy drivers. They treat cars like their kegs, which can carry them wherever and whenever they want. In such cases, fuel expenses are more, as consumption is more. In order to control fuel expenses, the crazy drivers have to set a limit to their driving craze. Thus, to reach nearby places they can walk or use bicycle. However, for covering long distance, they can take a train or bus sometimes.

  1. Convert your vehicle into Hybrid

These days, everything is possible due to technology. Hybrid cars are one of the greatest inventions of this modern age. You can also convert your car into a hybrid vehicle. However, it is important to understand that the hybrid conversion technology is new and thus, expensive. If you can invest money for your use only, then select this option and make your car a hybrid vehicle that can remain functional on multiple resources besides fuel.

  1. Change the Way You Drive your Vehicle

This is the most common and economical way to consider for enjoying driving. If you do not have the budget to make your automobile fuel-efficient then change your driving habits. For this, few of the tips to consider are as follows:

  • Do not carry excessive weight in your car while driving.
  • Always avoid excess idling.
  • Try to drive smoothly.
  • Prefer high gear, as low gear will consume more fuel.

Keep your vehicle maintained to avoid more fuel consumption.

Tips to Keep Car Shipping Rates Low

car shippingCost of vehicle transport services sometimes is high for numerous consumers. Therefore, they do not get a chance to save a considerable amount of money on transporting their cars. It usually happens when you hire services of a highly class auto transporting company. Professional auto transportation companies set high rates for their services because of their expertise. However, it does not mean you cannot get their services at affordable car shipping rates. By considering few money saving tips, you can easily reduce the car shipping rates of a professional mover to a considerable level. It requires you to be smart and think of following suggestions while getting quotes:

Choose Open Transportation

Whether you choose open or enclosed trailers for your car shipping, professional companies always move car safely. Therefore, you should choose open auto transport carriers. Since it costs 25% to 40% less as compared to enclosed transportation, charges will likely be less if you choose open transportation.

Avail Terminal to Terminal Car Delivery

Selection of car delivery services is also important as it has major and direct impacts on cost to ship a car. There is no option but to choose door to door delivery if you need to ship an inoperable car. Otherwise, choosing terminal-to-terminal car delivery is much better because it has less impact on vehicle shipping rates. However, it requires you to be on time to collect car.

Practicing these tips while getting quotes can help you to get affordable rates to a considerable level.

SAFER Web – An Intelligent Transportation System to Access Record of U.S Interstate Movers over Internet

If you ever wanted to avail the services of an auto transporter, then be sure about its reliability. Since there are both legitimate and non-licensed auto movers operating in the field, you are advised to check before booking a mover. Otherwise, chances are that you will become a victim of scammers or unprofessional companies. That means, both your car as well as money will be at risk. So to avoid it, you will have to find out a way to check accreditation of your mover.

safer web USDOT number

You can do it by adapting different approaches, but utilizing the official SAFER database system offered by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the best way to access record of auto transporters. The Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System enables U.S citizens to access auto moving company’s identification, legitimacy, insurance, safety record and so on over internet. The SAFER database is a module of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that currently entails records of interstate movers operating in United States.

Following is what you can verify about your auto transporter from SAFER database system:


In order to verify your company with SAFER System, you should first know its official name or USDOT number. If the mover is not providing you the DOT number, then avoid doing business with it. Once you have the number, you should enter it in SAFER search bar to check registration. Following is what you expect in return of your search:

  1. Invalid DOT number, means the company you are dealing with is not registered with Department of Transportation.
  2. Inactive DOT number, means Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has asked it to stop operating in U.S because of rule violation.
  3. Active DOT number means it is properly licensed and insured with USDOT and FMCSA.


All auto transport companies are required to carry a minimum of $50,000 liability amount to insure the cars of customers. SAFER system enables people to check the liability amount that your auto transport company carries.

Safety Record/Safety Rating

With this system, you can also know the safety record of your company. It will help you to determine the experience of past customers with it. Besides, you can know the type of complaints and conflicts people have had with the particular company. In short, it will give you an insight of safety ratings that will enable you to understand where it stands in U.S auto transport industry.

Common Auto Transport Mistakes to Avoid While Dealing With a Company

While you look to avail the services of a vehicle transport company to get your car shipped across country, make sure you avoid all mistakes that most customers commit. Following are some of the common mistakes you should avoid to ensure hassle free shipping experience:

hiring auto transport company

Look Before You Book an Auto Shipper

Not many people give importance to this important aspect of car shipping process, which in the end results conflicts because of vehicle being mishandled during transportation. Remember, to get your car shipped safely and to avoid issues like delay in car shipping, car damages, and additional charges, knowing reliability of auto transport company is important. Always avail services of a licensed, insured, and experienced auto shipper.

Make sure the Car is Covered

Even though auto transportation is safe way of getting car shipped if your auto transporter is dependable, yet you cannot take a risk. Due to roadside associated risks, every nine out of ten shipping experience minor or major accidents. Therefore, you must get your car insured for transportation. All companies are required (by law) to insure vehicle need to be transported. However, auto shipping insurance does not always cover car fully. Therefore, you must ensure your car is fully covered for transportation. So, if it is mishandled or damaged during transportation, you will have the right to claim the liability coverage amount.

Remove Your Personal Belongings

Do not choose to ship your personal belongings along with car. The car shipper might not ask you to remove your personal belongings, but you should avoid it. Remember, your car shipping insurance only covers your car, not the stuff inside vehicle. Therefore, if anything goes missing after shipping process, you would not have any right to claim for stolen/misplaced personal belongings.

If you need to know more on auto shipping process, here is a recommended reading you must go through.

Step by Step Method to Come up with Right Car Transport Company

Driving a car from one place to another is always tiring and hectic when you need to move to a greater distance. Therefore, choosing car transport services instead of driving vehicle is a better option in such situations. While you will be travelling via train or air, you car will be transported on a trailer without having to drive it. It is viable in many ways:

  1. You are no longer bound to drive vehicle, which would defiantly save your time while moving out to new location.
  2. Moreover, it is costless as compared to relocating car on your own. According to various auto transportation experts, car shipping is best to save money when travelling to long distances. The car shipping rates are often less than the travelling expenses.

Therefore, you must choose auto transport services to get your car shipped. However, for that, you will have to understand the entire process to ensure car will be transported safely. Following are the major steps involved in it:

  1. Locate five to eight companies offering services for the particular area where you need to get your car shipped.
  2. Request auto shipping quotes in order to know estimated rates.
  3. Compare the estimated rates and services of each company and choose two or three companies meeting your car shipping requirements.
  4. Verify credentials of these selected companies in order to come up with right mover having perfect safety record and reputation.

Locating car movers is not difficult because internet is best option to find out companies in your area. Visit the websites of companies one by one and gather quotes in order to compare their services and rates. The comparison of services and costs is handy in order to figure out companies offering competitive offers meeting your range best. Once you have selected two or three companies meeting your requirements best, next step is to verify their reliability. A number of ways such as reading car transport reviews and checking payment methods can help you to verify details of an interstate auto mover. However, checking with Better Business Bureau and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is best. You can know registration and insurance details of a U.S car transporter from FMCSA while checking with BBB enables you to know complaints filed against companies. Thus, one by one, check selected companies with both federal agencies and choose the one, which is insured, licensed, and experienced.

If you are looking for a professional car transport company, check out this company.

Four Coolest Cars Under $18000

While I was surfing online to find out coolest car deals for my blog viewers, I came across distinct price ranges at different auto auctions and found Kelly Blue Book’s retail prices best. People, who are looking for reliable, versatile, and desirable cars at affordable prices, would not mind purchasing any of these coolest cars under $18000:

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart is an exceptional vehicle having perfect combination of performance, style, and value, which is why it is at top of the list. Not only exterior, its interior is always exceptional which also offers loads of options to personalize it.

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

If you are inspired by European rides, then you must consider buying Volkswagen Jetta to get the European driving feel. With full warranty, digital connectively, and tasteful styling, Jetta is a perfect for years to come.

2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

Since its debut in America, 2012 Honda fit appealed thousands of auto enthusiasts to enjoy its fun drive. Its cool back seat flips and folds, which offers useful cargo space to accommodate a certain amount of goods.

2012 Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

If you need to have a car, which would give sporty looks, then Mazda 3 is for you. With perfect dynamics, Mazda 3 is superb to ride which is why it is among the top coolest as well as affordable cars.

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