Myths and Truths of Hybrid Cars

hybrid car how it worksHybrid cars, in terms of saving energy, are proven the best fuel-efficient cars. If you are environmental friendly and like going green while moving out on your vehicle, then purchasing a hybrid car is the best way to go. Some myths or misconceptions regarding hybrid car might prevent you from buying it, but you should not pay any heed to them. These are just misconceptions, nothing else. Here is the brief information related to hybrid myths:

Hybrid Cars are Slow and Small

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If you have never been inside a hybrid car, you will believe this myth just because others do. Hybrids are neither small nor slow. In fact, some of the hybrid models such as Prius are popular than other midsized sedan type vehicles. The myth will simply break down the while you are inside. Besides, if Prius is not big enough for you and you do not like rear door vehicles, then Camry hybrid is best.

About speed? It is all about perception. Otherwise, the hybrids can go 0 to 60 within 9.5 seconds. When you will drive it, your reaction will simply be great because of having a luxurious ride.

Hybrid Cars are Erratic

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Hybrid cars are erratic and unreliable is another biggest misconception. 96, out of every 100 Toyota Prius hybrids being sold in last 10 years, are on the road running in perfect order. This means hybrids are perfectly reliable. The only thing, which makes a drive nervous, is its battery that is not a big issue after couple of rides.

Hybrid Cars are Expensive


Even though there are few expensive models, but most of the hybrids are affordable for an average citizen. Some of the affordable hybrid cars are new Prius C, Prius V, and Plug in Prius available at starting prices of $18,950$, $26,550,and $32,000 respectively.

Even if you buy the expensive one, in the long run, it will be less expensive as compared to other vehicles. Hybrids run on the combination of gas and electric engine that make them fuel-efficient. Besides, maintenance and repair costs in comparison with other vehicles are less.