Sandy Hurricane – 5 Immediate Impacts to Know About

Millions of people have experienced the scenes of destruction wreaked by Sandy. No one can rank it but one thing for sure, it is among the powerful storms and hurricanes ever smashed Eastern United States. Sandy storm has greatly influenced East Cost and following are few things to know about Sandy’s impact:


Fatalities - Hurricane Sandy

Numbers of fatalities have been reported so far. At least 30 were reported killed on Monday night in New Jersey. Sandy put everything put off from its feet. Some people were hit by trees while others died in flooding. Besides, electrical shocks and car crashes because of storm were also reported. In Toronto, a woman was hit by flying debris. Considering this disastrous scenario, the president Barack Obama announced emergency for this blow in New York and New Jersey.

People Relocated

People Relocated Sandy USA

Considering its strength and power, about one million people in a dozen of states, were asked to evacuate to avoid home go underwater and violent blustery weather toppled trees. The Red Cross has provided shelters more than 11,000 people across 16 weather-affected states. These people will stay in these shelters as the East Coast recovers from Sandy storm.

Power and Telecom Failure

Power outage in US - Hurricane Sandy

Power and telecom outage was experienced which is why people were no longer able to communicate anyone around. The storm interrupted mobile phones, home telephones, and internet services in about eight states in the northeast. In addition, the hurricane ripped of power lines, flooded networks and sparked the power stations on East River. Unofficial states say that about 8 million people in the East Coast region were without power on Tuesday after storm.


Transportation infrastructure - Hurricane Sandy

Since Sandy storm was powerful and destructive, it has hugely disrupted and damaged the infrastructure. Especially due to road closures and local restrictions, transportation system was off. Local rail commuters, cruise passengers, air travelers, auto transporters, and all transportation system halt on East Coast side on Monday. Even the major seven bridges in New York were closed because of possible breakdown. Officials stopped people to use busiest toll roads in New Jersey due to flooding. Besides, about 15,770 flights have been cancelled up to now because of Sandy storm.

President Obama Revoked Its Campaign

Obama and Hurricane Sandy

All the political activities were revoked before Sandy prediction. Especially, it has forced Barack Obama to stop campaigns for presidential election. Sandy storm has added an uncertainty in White House as people could decide their vote based on how U.S government handled this crisis. According to political gurus, Sandy will play a vital role in election campaign especially in the East Coast region the results can vary in a huge margin.