Shipping My Stuff was Easy

moving and car shippingWhen I was shifting to Texas, I had the slightest disadvantage to my moving out process. I did not have any prior experience and besides, I did not even know how to ship my car as well. I had never shifted abroad or moved temporarily to nay place, so it was difficult for me. I had to take help from a car shipper, and some moving companies. Thankfully, one of my friend’s cousins I knew had the experience and she told me she could help me with the process. First, she told me to make up a list of stuff to be packed, what to move and so on. I was able to move out successfully, and so I am sharing what has to be done, for new movers.


With this list, you can make a proper plan on how to move from one place to another this list has to be prepared strategically ad requires a bit of time to think. Once, you have finalized that you are moving out, then that is the best time to prepare such a list. This is because at that time you are thinking of so many things regarding moving and settling yourself down.

The list contains every detail regarding the actions you must take. This goes true for the packing of all the stuff that you need. The list depends upon the kind of movement that you are facing. It can be permanent or temporary. First identify the type of process, the need of moving, and then, you can prepare a checklist for it. This is the best thing to do to structure the process of moving out.

So many websites will provide you with the information on many packers and movers so that you can hire one to get the stuff you own packed properly. The best way to find one reliable packer is to look at its website, read the past customer reviews, and then hire the company. These types of details will help you analyze which company is the best and the most reliable of all. This way you can move out safely.


Money Saving Tips on Transporting Vehicle with an Auto Transporter

how to ship a carMany people who do not have a prior experience of vehicle shipping services may not know how much does it cost to ship a car. This is the main reason why most customers fail to save money on transporting vehicle with a car transporter. The following money saving tips will help you save a considerable amount while getting quotes:

Get Multiple Quotes

The foremost tip is to get multiple quotes from five to ten auto-shipping companies. By knowing the vehicle shipping estimates of various companies, you will be able to identify the one offering services within your budget. This is not only helpful for getting economical rates but also enables you to compare services of these companies. Hence, overall it helps you to hire competitive services at economical rates.

Ask for Discounts

Not many people need vehicle-shipping services regularly, which is why they mostly do not know the discounts available for them. Not all but many companies offer discounts on their services in various scenarios. Following are some of the discounts that may be available for you:

  1. Special discounts for army persons
  2. Senior civil citizenship
  3. Student discounts
  4. Contractual discounts i.e. automotive sellers who need car transportation regularly
  5. Shipping multiple cars

You should not hesitate in asking about these discounts. Especially when you need to ship multiple cars, chances are that the auto shipper will charge you less.

Car Delivery

Your vehicle shipping rates depend on car delivery perspective also. You are charged high when vehicle shipper picks and ships vehicle from your doorstep. Therefore, if you somehow put a little extra effort to drop and receive vehicle from terminal point of company, then you will be charged less. The cost to ship a car at doorstep costs high because it disconnects the auto mover from the main route. Therefore, if you leave it on your car shipper, then it tends to charge less on shipping car.

Shipping Dates

If you do not need vehicle shipping services urgently, then do not push your auto shipper to ship it early. It will likely be the case of high fee or the company may refuse to ship it. Therefore, you should be flexible in car delivery dates.

Open Carriers

To save money on vehicle transportation, you should consider open carriers especially when you are not transporting a classy car. it is also a save way of transporting vehicle and if your vehicle is damaged, you can claim for it.

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Things You Need to Know Before and After Shipping Process

ship a carEven though vehicle shipping is a common activity for most people but still many of them are not aware of the process well. A number of people are observed to have confusions regarding the process. In addition, most people do not know their right and responsibilities for moving vehicle with an auto transporter. Although vehicle shipper is responsible to ship car but there are some important things that customers need to know before entrusting and after receiving vehicle:

Before You Handover Vehicle to Auto Shipper

Not many people know how to prepare vehicle before process, which is why most auto transporters refuse or delay for shipping car. Following the main points you should consider before entrusting vehicle to auto shipper:

  1. Most companies need to know functionality of vehicle before finalizing deal with a customer. Therefore, whether you need to ship a functional or an out of order vehicle, make sure you inform your company about it so that it can arrange safety measures accordingly.
  2. Your vehicle is not a shipping container so avoid shipping personal belongings in it. It is damaging for both the stuff and vehicle. In addition, if it is stolen, then you cannot claim because vehicle shipping insurance does not cover it.
  3. Do not allow the auto mover to take vehicle away until it provides you written and signed copies of insurance policy, vehicle condition statement, and shipping agreement.

After Vehicle Shipping Process

You must keep the following information in mind when auto mover contacts you to receive your vehicle:

  1. Ask it to ship deliver it in day timings, if your auto mover is calling you at night. You are advised so because inspecting vehicle at night vehicle inspection cannot be done rightfully.
  2. You must inspect the vehicle carefully and match the pre vehicle shipping condition report after shipping process.
  3. If your vehicle is being mishandled during transportation, contact the officials and file your complaint. Do not pay until the company solves your matter.

If it is not cooperating, then you can contact the federal agencies like FMCSA and USDOT for resolving the conflict.

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How to Ship car or Move in and Out of a Location Easily

When a person moves from one place to another, he always has to take care of the many things allowing him to have a free of hassle moving out process. This is only possible if he has help. If he can get help from the many companies online, it would be very easy for him to pack and easily transfer his stuff to the new place as well. This is the same case for the process to ship car or any other vehicle.

ship car

Moving out managed

To manage the process of packing you need help in terms of packing tips and tricks. The packing tips for moving can now be accessible from the internet through many informatory websites, blogs, and forums. All those people who have faced the issue of relocation, moving out, transporting vehicles and packing for the process by themselves, make these forums and blogs. If they did not have any guidance and they did not get any help from them, then they had to move by themselves. This is what they advice you on. They also have given out tips on how to move by help. They give out tips on how to locate help. They also give out tips for the search of reliable packers and movers. Usually every packer and mover has now made websites online and helps you online.

The best way to hire a reliable packer or a mover for the job of packing all your stuff, you have to gather information on the companies from the packers and the mover industry. This way, you can get plenty of data on the services and the working criteria of these companies. You can also find information on the price quotes that they offer. The market rate of all the services can be gathered by this information as well. After the information has been gathered, you can strategically compare the information and then find out one company that is reliable and affordable for you with respect to its services and rates. Reading online reviews on the companies’ websites will also help you in getting informed about these companies.

Car shipping

The car shipping process can also be aligned in the same way as the packing and moving process is. So many online car shippers are there to help so that you do not have to face the ambiguity of moving your own vehicle to a thousand miles across the country or even outside the country to where you are shifting.

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