Transportation News – US National Transportation Safety Board Urges Lawmakers to Ban Use of Electronic Devices

Even though there are strict laws regarding distracted driving especially using cell phone while driving, yet number of accidents due to texting and calling is increasing. Therefore, recently United States transportation board has urged lawmakers to ban use of gadgets during driving.

driving distraction law

In a recent talk with lawmakers, the US National Transportation Safety Board has discussed a number of reasons why accidents occur. Among these reasons, distracted driving because of use of gadgets was the foremost factor that is causing hundreds of accidents every year. Therefore, to keep control on this issue, NTSB has listed Distracted Driving as its one of the major and necessary priorities of coming year. It has suggested lawmakers to strict gadget using rules while driving to ensure automobile and mass transit operators such as auto transporters and household good movers do not get distracted. The ban on use of cell phone will bring noticeable decrease in rate of accidents in next year.


In its report, the NSBP’s officials referred a number of accidents and fatalities occurred in recent years just because of distracted driving. Most of these accidents were involving electronic and playable gadgets. It is strong supporting evidence, which is why NTSB is asking to make use of devices illegal until it is necessary for a particular job.

A mixed reaction has been observed due to this call. While some of the organizations have favored this appeal, many are against the ban of electronic devices. Especially, the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) regards it as too heavy handed. It says that law against texting and calling to prevent distracted driving are enough to end this issue.

No specific decision has been taken against this call for ban on electronic devices so far. However, it is expected that law and enforcement agencies will revise the situation to at least strict rules for some special kinds of devices.