Avail High-Quality Shipping Facilities of Professional Auto Movers

To ship a car to any destination is not difficult now because of the level of ship a carfacilitation the car owners can have now. There are different ways to be facilitated for shipping the car with ease. The best way to ship every kind of vehicle is to hire any professional and reliable auto shipping company. To facilitate the car owners, almost every car moving company is offering a large number of high-tech services to the vehicle owners. Some of the car transportation facilities are as follows:

Door-to-Door Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, auto movers take the responsibility to pick and drop the vehicle at the desired location of the customers.

Terminal-to Terminal Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, the car owners have to take the responsibility to drop and pick the vehicle from the defined location of the auto movers.

Open Auto Carriers

These carriers are open, inexpensive, and capable of shipping multiple vehicles at one time.

Closed Auto Carriers

These carriers are closed and capable of shipping every kind of vehicle safely and exclusively. However, the car owners should know that these carriers are little expensive to afford as compare to open auto carriers.

Insured Shipping Services and GPS Tracker

To ensure the safety of the vehicle, professional auto shippers offer insured services as well as GPS Tracker to the car owners so that they can locate their vehicles during shipping with ease.

However, to avail any of these above-mentioned services is dependent on the car owner and he can make his selection of services based on his requirements and available budget.

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True Affordable Tech Cars under $30,000

Most tech cars are expensive because of integrated electronics and technological advancements. However, not every tech car is expensive. There are affordable tech cars. These may not be fully equipped but certain electronic pieces make them true tech cars. Here is the list of some tech cars that cost less than $30,000:

2012 Ford Focus Titanium

It has some quirks, but stands on top of the list of affordable tech cars. It is easy to drive with perfect fuel economy. Furthermore, 2012 Ford Focus titanium offers a full array of cabin tech. On various automotive ranking sites, the vehicle has secured a minimum four-star rating. The prices vary seller to seller however, the average recorded price is $ 22,770.00.

2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Turbo

2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Turbo

People who love Euro retro styling, great audio, and zippy performance will find it an amazing tech car offering comprehensive range of cabin tech. Average price of 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Turbo is automotive markets is $23,400 with three star ratings.

2012 Scion iQ

2012 Scion iQ

People, who want to own a superficial car easy to park and drive along, should consider 2012 Scion iQ. It is perfect for moving across the country but not good enough to make long trips. The engine might start making noise if driven to a longer distance. In addition, compact size is not comfortable for long drives. The average price of 2012 Scion iQ tech car is $ 15,265. Ratings range between three and four stars.

2011 Buick Regal CXL

2011 Buick Regal CXL

With extraordinary shape, great tech features, and handsome drive, this tech car was once considered among the top tech cars when it was released. However, the cabin control features are a bit odd that may prevent buyers to have this car. The prices of 2011 Buick Regal CXL vary from $26,000 to $27,000.

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How to Calculate Monthly Installment On a Particular Amount of Car Loan

vehicle transportIn this tough economic era, managing transportation needs has become imperative to reduce the monthly expenses. Poor including middle class people are now finding it hard to manage vehicle transportation expenses because of rising transportation charges. With rising fuel prices, the transporters seem to increase these charges in future as well. This is why people now consider buying their own vehicles at any cost. For that, a number of people who have insufficient resources now prefer taking loans from money lending companies.

These companies provide cash amounts to people for purchasing a desired vehicle at some interest rate. Mostly repaying the borrowed amount is easy. However, it needs people to check and evaluate their financial capabilities to payback the borrowed amount. A number of ways can be helpful to determine financial capabilities. Nevertheless, knowing how much would need to pay per month out of the total income is perhaps the best way.

In order to calculate the month installment on a particular amount of loan, the borrower should know the following terms:

  1. The actual price (P) of the vehicle that needs to be purchased
  2. Interest rate (R) on  loans of the particular money lending company
  3. Accurate number of months (M) allowed to payback the whole amount with interest rate.

Upon using the following mathematical formula for particular amount of vehicle, interest rate, and number of months, one can easily determine how much he/she will need to payback each month on the borrowed amount:

Monthly Installment= [P * (R/12)] / [1 – (1+ R/12)-m]

By entering values and performing fractional methods, the desired results can be obtained.

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Auto Shipping Guidelines

vehicle shipping ratesIt is a common believe that hiring an auto transport company is the only thing required for relocating a vehicle. This is why often customers face delays in vehicle shipping process. However, when you expect auto shipper to ship vehicle, then they expect you to do your part also. In order to ship your vehicle on time and avoid additional vehicle shipping rates, you must review the following information prior to delivering your vehicle:

Documents and Forms

The first step you need to take is to provide to be prepared to provide the following important documents and forms to auto shipper:

Vehicle Declaration Form: Vehicle declaration form must be filled for all vehicles need to be shipped.

Power of Attorney to Export: Vehicle: this form is required to be filled by vehicle owner(s) in order to clear Customs.

Letter of Intent: It is needed to show the cause of transporting vehicle along with vehicle title.

Prepare Your Vehicle

This is the most important part of auto shipping process that is being ignored by majority of customers. Remember, if you would not prepare your vehicle as per auto shipping guidelines, then it may cost your vehicle and you may be paying high a vehicle shipping rates. Therefore, do not forget to prepare your vehicle. Here is what needs to be considered while preparing vehicle for transportation:

Remove Loose Items: If any of the vehicle part is loose, then you must remove it.

Personal Belongings: Even though some auto transporters allow it but you should not prefer to ship personal belongings along with vehicle. Because of extra luggage, the vehicle overweighs the allowed limit that is not allowed, as per federal laws.

Car Alarm: You must remove or deactivate the car security alarm.

Fuel in the Tank:  the fuel in the tank must not exceed the 1/4th or 1/8th of the fuel tank.

Vehicle Condition: If you are transporting a non-operable vehicle, then do not forget to inform your auto shipper about it. Non-functional vehicles need extra arrangements for loading and unloading of trailers.

Condition Report: You must ask your auto transporter to prepare a vehicle condition report. It will help you to compare vehicle condition before and after shipping process.

Documents: Do not let the auto mover go until it provides you a signed copy of auto shipping insurance, condition statement, and contact detail.

This is the most important information regarding auto transport process that all customers should consider apart from hiring auto transport companies. This does not only allow you to keep things simple but also to sense the reputation of your auto shipper.

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Six Steps Required For Registering an Auto Transport Business with FMCSA

vehicle transportationAuto transport services are becoming a need for people shifting homes from one city to another. Similarly, automotive dealers who frequently import and export vehicles for their customers, often need to sign contracts with auto shipping companies for transporting vehicles to desired places. Since relocation, import, and export of vehicle is increasing, demand for auto transporters is increasing. At present, a number of vehicle transportation companies are operating in industry and greatly meeting the demands of customers.

However, transportation experts are predicting a shortage of auto transport services in coming years because sale/purchase of cars will constantly be increasing in coming years. Along with that department of US Statistic Bureau has predicted there will be around 230 thousand transportation jobs from which most of will be for trucking and moving industry in coming ten years. Considering these statistics, a number of people are inclined towards opening up their own auto transport business that is a good move on their part of investing in a lucrative field.

If you are one out of many people who are thinking of starting a vehicle shipping business, you need to understand the terms and conditions for operating in USA. In order to operate as an auto transporter in USA, you need an authority form US Department of Transportation (USDOT) as well as Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA). No company is allowed to operate without an active DOT and Motor Carrier number. Therefore, you should contact FMCSA to get your USDOT number, operating authority, safety permit and cargo tank number. For that, you will also need to submit a financial statement to show your ability to start up an auto transport business.

In order to get assistance with registration process, you are required to visit the website of Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration and follow the Registration and Licensing process online. However, prior to going through online process, you should know the steps in FMCSA registration process. Following are the key steps involved in registration with Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration:

  1. First off, make sure you know what kind of operating authority you need and determine your FMCSA requirements.
  2. Considering your requirements, check what forms you should fill.
  3. Provide exact information in FMCSA form(s) and submit.
  4. Complete the registration and notifications requirements.
  5. Obtain permanent USDOT registration.
  6. Maintain your DOT number and authority

These are the steps involved in registering your auto transport business with Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration.

Protect Your Move from Moving Fraudsters

According to moving statistics, around forty million US citizens move every year for various personal reasons and job opportunities. Moving can be memorable as well as stressful depending on your circumstances. One of the major concerns while moving is learn how to avoid and protect yourself from dishonest and fake movers.

vehicle transportationMost moving companies are reliable that offer quality services. However, in recent past, an increasing number of complaints have been filed against all kind of interstate movers such as, goods and vehicle transportation. Most of these complaints were regarding fraudsters and dishonest movers. Because of these reasons, the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA), which regulates interstate movers, is much active now. In collaboration with local and Federal law and enforcement agencies, it is working in order to establish a fair marketplace for customers.

However, it is not only responsibility of the FMCSA and law and enforcement agencies for helping you to avoid being victim of interstate moving scammers. You will also have to plan an important role. If you are planning for a move out to another city, you must learn your rights and responsibilities prior to making your move. For that, you should visit Protect Your Mover, which isa website of Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration, from where you can get all relevant details.

When moving vehicles or household goods with help of an auto mover, you are advised to educate yourself with your rights and responsibilities that include:

  1. You must verify mover’s accreditation with FMCSA to make sure it is licensed, insured, and skilled. You can do it by visiting SaferSys database.
  2. It is always a good idea to know whether mover has unresolved complaints on its account. It will enable you to know how past customers were being dealt by the company.
  3. The terms and conditions of moving goods vary company to company. Therefore, you must thoroughly read the contract in order to avoid confusions as well as unfair charges.
  4. In case, your belongings are mishandled during transportation, you must know where to contact in order to resolve conflicts. Usually, FMCSA’s jurisdiction solves interstate moving conflicts between customers and movers. However, customers can also file their complaints in Better Business Bureau as well as take mover to court.

For more information regarding making an interstate move, you should surf online to read relevant articles on various blogs and sites.

Two Ways to Resolve a Dispute with an Auto Shipper

If you think your vehicle is mishandled while shipping, you should look for the available options to resolve your dispute with the transporter. Remember quarreling and going hard at the auto shipper is not a way to resolve your dispute with the company. Therefore, you should avoid it. Most of the companies welcome their customers for making settlements. However, if the vehicle transportation company is not cooperating, you must consult the federal agencies that regulate the US auto transportation.

vehicle transportation

However, prior to contacting with the federal agencies, make sure you have:

  1. The copy of auto shipping contract signed by you and the auto shipper
  2. Copy of car condition statement
  3. Car shipping insurance

Following are the main federal agencies that can help you to resolve your dispute with the auto shipping company:

Better Business Bureau

The US Better Business Bureau is a reputable federal department which ranks the companies in different industries. In addition, it works for establishing a fair marketplace for consumers and   companies. The BBB’s activities involve rating the companies and recording the customers’ complaints regarding the services of a company.

No auto transport company would ever want to go down in BBB ratings. Therefore, the company will try to negotiate with you to settle the dispute. However, if it is not settled, you must contact the BBB. The BBB’s jurisdiction will look into the details of auto shipping contract and the damage done to your vehicle in order to make a reasonable decision.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Sometimes, the companies refused to accept the decision made by the Better Business Bureau and the dispute remains the same. In such situation, you must contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a subsidiary of US Department of Transportation. The FMCSA regulates and monitors the transportation in the United States. In addition, it works in order to resolve the disputes among customers and companies.

No matter what FMCSA decides, both the parties will have to accept it. If the company does not cooperate at this level, the FMCSA holds the right to cancel its USDOT number. Therefore, you must contact the FMCSA to find out an acceptable solution of your dispute.

These are the two possible ways of resolving the disputes with an auto shipper. However, hardly a dispute reaches this level because no company can afford to have a dent on its reputation.

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