Avail High-Quality Shipping Facilities of Professional Auto Movers

To ship a car to any destination is not difficult now because of the level of ship a carfacilitation the car owners can have now. There are different ways to be facilitated for shipping the car with ease. The best way to ship every kind of vehicle is to hire any professional and reliable auto shipping company. To facilitate the car owners, almost every car moving company is offering a large number of high-tech services to the vehicle owners. Some of the car transportation facilities are as follows:

Door-to-Door Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, auto movers take the responsibility to pick and drop the vehicle at the desired location of the customers.

Terminal-to Terminal Transport Services

In this type of shipping services, the car owners have to take the responsibility to drop and pick the vehicle from the defined location of the auto movers.

Open Auto Carriers

These carriers are open, inexpensive, and capable of shipping multiple vehicles at one time.

Closed Auto Carriers

These carriers are closed and capable of shipping every kind of vehicle safely and exclusively. However, the car owners should know that these carriers are little expensive to afford as compare to open auto carriers.

Insured Shipping Services and GPS Tracker

To ensure the safety of the vehicle, professional auto shippers offer insured services as well as GPS Tracker to the car owners so that they can locate their vehicles during shipping with ease.

However, to avail any of these above-mentioned services is dependent on the car owner and he can make his selection of services based on his requirements and available budget.

Need to know how to make right choice of car shipping services? Check out these tips on car moving.


Best Places in United States to Go for Christmas

Christmas countdown has started. It is about 26 days away from now. That means, people all across country are busy in making their Christmas plans to rejoice the taste of winter vacations. It is time of year when everyone wishes to enjoy life at its best. While few people like home for holidays, a number of people across doing party and visiting top places where Christmas is celebrated on a large scale. Even though celebrations all across states are remarkable, but at some major places are sights to be hold for Christmas Eve. If you are searching for places to go this Christmas, here are your options:

New York

City that never sleeps especially, when Christmas is around. New York has always been a hot spot for local as well as foreigners because of its fun all night long it brings. Especially, it is a favorite holiday place for people to make their Christmas Celebrations gorgeous and memorable.

You can find everything, to shop, to gift, to dance, to fun, etc. on your wish list while your stay in New York. On top of this, lighting on the giant tree at Rockefeller Center makes it world’s popular Christmas tree, which is why New York draws a huge number of people to attend this event. This is just a minor insight of Christmas at New York. Once you get there on this popular day, you will find a whole new world to love and joy everything you never had before.


Certainly not everyone’s favorite because of snowy slopes, but people who love skiing, love spending their winter holidays in Colorado. For such people, doing the thing they love the most is real fun an entertainment to celebrate Christmas.


Florida is an ultimate choice of people across country for spending holidays. Even during December, temperature is mild which makes Florida an ideal spot for people who want to avoid snow while celebrating Christmas. You can get a lot of places and fun activities especially along the beach sides. Also, going Disney World for Christmas celebrations brings an unknown pleasant excitement.

These are places where you can enjoy vacations at anytime of the year. On special occasions such as Christmas, there is nothing better than being country’s popular places such as New York and Disney World. However, when you plan to go any of these locations, do not forget to take your personal belongings with you. Besides, choose car shipping services of a reliable company to ensure you will have access to your own vehicle during your stay. It will make your transportation needs easy.

Tips to Keep Car Shipping Rates Low

car shippingCost of vehicle transport services sometimes is high for numerous consumers. Therefore, they do not get a chance to save a considerable amount of money on transporting their cars. It usually happens when you hire services of a highly class auto transporting company. Professional auto transportation companies set high rates for their services because of their expertise. However, it does not mean you cannot get their services at affordable car shipping rates. By considering few money saving tips, you can easily reduce the car shipping rates of a professional mover to a considerable level. It requires you to be smart and think of following suggestions while getting quotes:

Choose Open Transportation

Whether you choose open or enclosed trailers for your car shipping, professional companies always move car safely. Therefore, you should choose open auto transport carriers. Since it costs 25% to 40% less as compared to enclosed transportation, charges will likely be less if you choose open transportation.

Avail Terminal to Terminal Car Delivery

Selection of car delivery services is also important as it has major and direct impacts on cost to ship a car. There is no option but to choose door to door delivery if you need to ship an inoperable car. Otherwise, choosing terminal-to-terminal car delivery is much better because it has less impact on vehicle shipping rates. However, it requires you to be on time to collect car.

Practicing these tips while getting quotes can help you to get affordable rates to a considerable level.

Common Auto Transport Mistakes to Avoid While Dealing With a Company

While you look to avail the services of a vehicle transport company to get your car shipped across country, make sure you avoid all mistakes that most customers commit. Following are some of the common mistakes you should avoid to ensure hassle free shipping experience:

hiring auto transport company

Look Before You Book an Auto Shipper

Not many people give importance to this important aspect of car shipping process, which in the end results conflicts because of vehicle being mishandled during transportation. Remember, to get your car shipped safely and to avoid issues like delay in car shipping, car damages, and additional charges, knowing reliability of auto transport company is important. Always avail services of a licensed, insured, and experienced auto shipper.

Make sure the Car is Covered

Even though auto transportation is safe way of getting car shipped if your auto transporter is dependable, yet you cannot take a risk. Due to roadside associated risks, every nine out of ten shipping experience minor or major accidents. Therefore, you must get your car insured for transportation. All companies are required (by law) to insure vehicle need to be transported. However, auto shipping insurance does not always cover car fully. Therefore, you must ensure your car is fully covered for transportation. So, if it is mishandled or damaged during transportation, you will have the right to claim the liability coverage amount.

Remove Your Personal Belongings

Do not choose to ship your personal belongings along with car. The car shipper might not ask you to remove your personal belongings, but you should avoid it. Remember, your car shipping insurance only covers your car, not the stuff inside vehicle. Therefore, if anything goes missing after shipping process, you would not have any right to claim for stolen/misplaced personal belongings.

If you need to know more on auto shipping process, here is a recommended reading you must go through.

Myths and Truths of Hybrid Cars

hybrid car how it worksHybrid cars, in terms of saving energy, are proven the best fuel-efficient cars. If you are environmental friendly and like going green while moving out on your vehicle, then purchasing a hybrid car is the best way to go. Some myths or misconceptions regarding hybrid car might prevent you from buying it, but you should not pay any heed to them. These are just misconceptions, nothing else. Here is the brief information related to hybrid myths:

Hybrid Cars are Slow and Small

hybrid car speed

If you have never been inside a hybrid car, you will believe this myth just because others do. Hybrids are neither small nor slow. In fact, some of the hybrid models such as Prius are popular than other midsized sedan type vehicles. The myth will simply break down the while you are inside. Besides, if Prius is not big enough for you and you do not like rear door vehicles, then Camry hybrid is best.

About speed? It is all about perception. Otherwise, the hybrids can go 0 to 60 within 9.5 seconds. When you will drive it, your reaction will simply be great because of having a luxurious ride.

Hybrid Cars are Erratic

Hybrid Car Sales Shoot

Image Source

Hybrid cars are erratic and unreliable is another biggest misconception. 96, out of every 100 Toyota Prius hybrids being sold in last 10 years, are on the road running in perfect order. This means hybrids are perfectly reliable. The only thing, which makes a drive nervous, is its battery that is not a big issue after couple of rides.

Hybrid Cars are Expensive


Even though there are few expensive models, but most of the hybrids are affordable for an average citizen. Some of the affordable hybrid cars are new Prius C, Prius V, and Plug in Prius available at starting prices of $18,950$, $26,550,and $32,000 respectively.

Even if you buy the expensive one, in the long run, it will be less expensive as compared to other vehicles. Hybrids run on the combination of gas and electric engine that make them fuel-efficient. Besides, maintenance and repair costs in comparison with other vehicles are less.

Using Car Shipping Quotes to Get Affordable Shipping Services

A great way of getting affordable car shipping rates is to know the best use of auto shipping quotes. All companies, when contacted by customers, give shipping estimates on moving a vehicle to a particular place. On car shipping quote, the prices are mentioned against each shipping service. Thus, if someone gets an idea about the car shipping services and major pricing factors, the rates can reduce and save a considerable amount of money. Mainly, auto-shipping quotes are used for getting economical rates by following two methods:

get auto transport quotes

  1. Comparing the quotes of various auto shipping companies
  2. Analyzing the pricing factors in quotes and making adjustments

Following is brief information on how and why these two processes are accomplished:

Comparison of Quotes

Since auto shipping prices vary company to company, comparing quotes can help a customer to find out company offering competitive prices. In order to make comparison of quotes, you should surf online and locate five to ten auto transport companies in your area. Once you are done with obtaining multiple quotes, start comparing the estimates to come up with company offering compatible rates. However, while getting quotes, you should be careful regarding following important aspects:

  1. Make sure the company you have selected is reliable i.e. it should be licensed and reliable.
  2. Legitimate and professional companies do not offer paid quotes. Therefore, you should avoid companies asking you to pay for requesting quotes.
  3. Do not forget to check listing in quotes. Always hire the company, which offers all necessary services such as insurance, car delivery options, open and enclosed carriers, and GPP auto shipping tracking system.

Keeping these points in mind while comparing quotes, and choosing auto shippers is essential.

Dealing with Pricing Factors

Once you have selected an auto transport company for moving your vehicle, there are certain things you can do in order to reduce the cost of shipping services. It is possible only when you know that the auto shipper is reliable. Besides this, knowing the pricing factors in listed services is imperative also. Consider the following points to lessen the rates:

  1. Car shipping rates majorly depend on the auto carrier chosen for transporting vehicle. if you need to transport an ordinary vehicle, choosing open car carriers is a way to save money. Open transportation is inexpensive as compared to enclosed transportation.
  2. Car delivery options i.e. terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door shipping influence the rates as well. The door-to-door services are expensive that are chosen when you need to ship inoperable vehicle. Therefore, if you are transporting an operable vehicle, then choosing terminal-to-terminal services can be advantageous to save a considerable amount on shipping services.

Apart from these services, several other factors such as additional unwanted services and sometime eliminating the cost of auto shipping insurance is good enough to reduce the cost of auto shipping.

Benefits of Auto Transport Fleet Management Services

auto transport companiesResource management especially keeping an eye on drivers during vehicle transport process is so necessary that auto transport companies need fleet management systems like GPS tracking system. If you have a business of vehicle transportation, then you should make sure your company is equipped with a vehicle tracking system along with fleet management software to stay updated with all latest news on automotive transport advancements. With fleet management news, you can build your business blogs. As you build your association, it becomes a lot easier to find numerous ways to stay updated with new trends in automotive transport. Along with staying updated with news and trends, you can stay updated with what is going on while your drivers are transporting a vehicle. With fleet management services, you can:

  1. Cut rising fuel costs
  2. Optimize your output level by improving routes and minimizing transition time

The fleet software applications enable your company’s officials to keep an eye on the activities while a consignment is being shipped. A number of fleet management software such as GPS tracking system can give you an exact database of fuel consumption, distance travelled, and maintenance scheduling that in a way will help to overhead expenses. Thus, with the assistance of fleet management services, you can maximize your gains and improve driver safety with driver logs, vehicle scheduling, and diagnostics.

Not only monitoring and scheduling, analysis of routes being used for shipping a vehicle can be done. In a vehicle shipping business, using the shortest and safest route is among the most important objectives. The GPS tracking system and many other geographic software applications can show demographic details of various routes that will help your shipping experts to analyze them. The experts may consider important factors such as cost of fuel, safety measures, road structure of the area, and distance for analyzing and comparing different routes.

In order to find more details on fleet management software applications, you should surf online and contact fellow associated auto transporters such as www.autotransportdepot.com to know how it works. As long as you will be researching on fleet management systems, you will get to know how you can facilitate your customers as well. In addition, this will also enable you to know how you can address your drivers and shippers in case of crisis scenarios. Thus, fleet management services are advantageous in numerous ways, which is why you should consider integrating it for your car shipping management.